4 tips for a softball skills video



With summer camps just a couple months away, the spring season is a great time to refresh your skills video. A well-crafted skills video can be a highly effective recruiting tool. According to NCSA research, student-athletes with a video on their online profile are 10 times more likely to get viewed by coaches. Plus, throwing together a new video gives your child a great reason to email coaches and continue the campaign to get on their radar.

To make sure your video shows off the best of your athletic performance, follow these four important steps.

Focus on skills footage

For softball athletes, coaches want to see footage that focuses on technical skills and drills. This means your video should include a series of staged sport-specific actions outside of a game setting. This is the best way to demonstrate to coaches your technical abilities and mastery of a key skill.

In this video, NCSA Recruiting Coach and former D3 Head Softball Coach Renee Barrows breaks down key essentials every softball athlete should know before filming their softball skills video:

  • If you can’t shoot in a field, a park, backyard, basement or garage can work just as well.
  • Footwork, glovework and transfers are key—coaches want to see multiple reps of your throwing motion, including short throws into a net and agility drills that show you improving your speed over time
  • Clips from strength and conditioning workouts can showcase how a recruit spends their time during the off-season.

Keep it short and simple

Just like you, college coaches are busy. While they try to watch as many highlight videos as they can, sometimes they only make it through the first 20 or 30 seconds. To stand out right away, include your athletic and academic info in the first few seconds of the video. Then, jump right into your best skills and drills.

Your entire video should be no more than 2-3 minutes long. And since most coaches watch highlight videos on mute, there’s no need to add dramatic music or special effects. Never lose sight of the goal—the purpose of your video is to grab the attention of a college coach.

General filming tips

In other words, you need to make your softball skills video really stand out! Before we break out softball skills video tips by position, here are a few general filming tips to keep in mind:

  • Film with a tripod with the camera about 5 feet off the ground, if possible. You can even get one for your smartphone.
  • The camera view should never be obstructed. Avoid filming behind a fence or backstop.
  • Keep the camera steady and don’t move it side to side. The easiest way to do this is to set everything up and then put your camera—or smartphone—on your tripod.

For softball skills video tips by position, check out our guide here.

Reach out to parents and professionals

You don’t have to do all the filming and editing yourself. Never be afraid to ask teammates’ families for footage or video advice. Once you’ve got plenty of good footage, you’re ready for the all-important (and time-consuming) editing process.

While coaches generally prefer simple, no-frills editing, a professional videographer can quickly turn disorganized raw footage into a cohesive sequence of highlights. As part of our recruiting service for student-athletes, NCSA’s full-service video editing team offers professionally edited video highlights.