5 frequently asked questions about college recruiting during COVID-19



Over the last few months, student-athletes and their families have reached out to NCSA with questions regarding the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the college recruiting process. To provide clarity around the changing recruiting landscape, we’ve answered 5 common questions about college recruiting during COVID-19 below:

How are college coaches recruiting during the pandemic?

During the current NCAA quiet and dead periods, college coaches have placed a larger focus on digital recruiting to communicate with athletes. If you don’t already have one, it’s important for every student-athlete to create an online recruiting profile, so coaches can easily evaluate key information as they look for talent to fill open rosters spots. Keep your profile up-to-date with key stats and measurables, highlight video and important academic information, like GPA, standardized test scores and a high school transcript. Create a free NCSA Recruiting Profile today.

What’s the difference between a dead period and a quiet period?

All NCAA D1 programs are functioning under a recruiting dead period through at least August 31. This means college coaches are prohibited from communicating with recruits in-person on or off-campus. During this time, communication is still permitted between athletes and coaches via phone, email, social media and other digital communication channels.

NCAA D2 programs have slightly more flexibility with a recruiting quiet period running through at least August 31. During this time, coaches and recruits are allowed to communicate digitally, as well as in-person while on the coach’s college campus. Off-campus contact with recruits or their families is prohibited.

When can college coaches contact my athlete?

The coronavirus pandemic may be impacting how recruits and coaches communicate, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the date college coaches can begin reaching out to recruits. For most sports, this date is June 15 after the athlete’s sophomore year. After this day, coaches can contact rising juniors via phone, email, social media and other digital communication channels. View tips on how to communicate with college coaches.

Does the ban on in-person recruiting impact coaches’ ability to attend travel sports tournaments?

Yes. Under both the NCAA quiet and dead periods, D1 and D2 coaches are prohibited from recruiting student-athletes in person, off campus. This means D1 and D2 college coaches cannot attend sports tournaments to evaluate and recruit talent before September 1.

How can I create highlight video with competitions canceled?

Coaches understand the challenges that come with canceled or postponed competitions, which is why they are open to reviewing skills footage. Many coaches are asking recruits to put together a highlight video of them training at homes to show off their skillset and dedication to becoming a stronger athlete.

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