What does it mean if a coach invites me to a softball camp?



Attending camps is often an important step in the recruiting journey. But what does it really mean for you when a coach extends a camp invitation to you? To help you understand the difference between generic camp invites and ones that are specific to you, we’ve put together these tips to help you understand the different types of invites and navigate your path ahead.

Not all softball coaches communicate the same way

Coaches have various ways of expressing their interest in recruits, so as you begin to receive materials like recruiting questionnaires, camp invites, emails, messages on social media and even phone calls, it can still be unclear exactly how interested the coach is in you. One good rule of thumb to remember is that if a coach frequently calls or messages you, they are probably interested in you as a recruit. On the other hand, there are some coaches who primarily evaluate athletes in person before showing direct interest in you as a recruit.

What’s the difference between a recruit and a camper?

Even though attending camps is one of the best ways to get on the radar of a coach, it’s also true that schools host camps as a means to generate money to fund their softball programs. It’s important to remember that attending camp doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being actively recruited. Camp attendees who received generic invites are typically campers and should think of camp as an opportunity to improve their softball skills and measurables. Recruits who received a personal invitation from the coaching staff are being evaluated at the camp.

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Communicate with coaches to get on their radar – and follow up

Ideally, by the time you arrive at a camp, you’ve already been in communication with the coach. After you receive the invite, respond to let the coach know if you’re planning to attend. This is an important step for student-athletes to get onto the list of players the coach plans to evaluate during camp. Since coaches usually invite many high school softball players to attend their camps, they generally don’t “discover” athletes at camp who they aren’t already following or recruiting.

Similarly, the hard work doesn’t end once camp comes to a close. After the camp ends, reach out to the coach to request feedback and find out more about your recruiting status for the team. It’s also a great opportunity to share updated measurables or highlight video.

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