Do You Know What Softball Recruiting Events to Attend this Summer?



The summer months bring a break from the rigors of schoolwork and busy schedules. For athletes, however, the summer months don’t mean total relaxation—there’s conditioning to do, as well as softball camps, combines and tournaments to attend. If you’re not sure what kinds of events you should be hitting up this summer, use our quick cheat sheet to softball recruiting events. You can also learn more about softball camps and combines in this full article.

Here, we’ll provide a brief overview of each type of event, as well as why you might consider attending.

College softball camps

If you’ve started the recruiting process already, you’ve probably fielded at least a few college camp requests from coaches. These events are great for seeing how talented other college-bound softball players are and getting experience competing in front of college coaches. However, there might be over 100 athletes at a camp, so you need to make sure the coach already knows who you are before you go.

Softball showcases

Softball showcases are typically large tournaments with teams playing on multiple diamonds. While the individuals are the focus here, the winningest teams will attract the most coach attention. You have to make sure that, well before the event, you reach out to coaches you’re interested in and let them know what field you’ll be on and when you’ll be playing, so coaches know how to find you.

Softball combines

Combines are a great way to get your verified stats in your softball drills. Why do you need verified stats? Because college coaches trust that stats taken by a recognizable third-party are correct and the measuring equipment was precise. Whereas, stats recorded by athletes and their friends might not be as accurate. Be sure to add your stats to your online recruiting profile, so when coaches search online for athletes like you, they can get a good snapshot of who you are and why they should want you on their team.

Throughout each different type of recruiting event, there’s a common theme: Contact college coaches you’re interested in and let them know what you’re up to! In order for these events to help your recruiting, you need to let coaches know where you’ll be and when you’ll be there, and you need to follow up with them after the event.

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