Fall Recruiting Checklist for all Grad Years



The fall recruiting season is in full swing, which means you should be checking off important recruiting steps before the winter season begins. NCSA has created individual fall recruiting checklists for each grad year based on the recruiting process and the NCAA recruiting rules and calendar.

Have you completed these fall recruiting steps?

Freshman Year

As a freshman, you should be meeting with your high school/club coach for recruiting advice and evaluations and brushing up on your financial literacy. But the most important step recruits take their freshman year is researching and building a list of target schools. While this step can be time-consuming, NCSA has a guide that will help you identify programs that will be a good academic, athletic, social and financial match for you and your family is essential.

Sophomore year

Creating a game plan for taking the PSATs and determining your eligibility for federal student aid are key steps to take during your sophomore year. But you also want to think about exposure and how you can get on a college coach’s radar before the official NCAA contact period begins. The best way to get a college coach’s attention and let know you are interested in their program is by sending an introductory email. Check out NCSA’s introductory email samples to help you begin writing yours.

Junior Year

Preparing to take the ACT/SAT, taking official and unofficial visits, and registering with the NCAA are just a few steps you should take during your junior year. As a junior, you’ve reached an exciting phase in the college recruiting process; college coaches can officially begin contacting you! To help you navigate the NCAA contact period, NCSA has created guides to contacting college coaches via phone, email and social media.

Senior Year

As a senior, your recruiting process is coming to an end, which means you should be making last minute campus visits and applying to schools. You’ll also need to complete your FAFSA application. The FAFSA determines your eligibility for federal grants, loans and work-study funds administered by the U.S. Department of Education. Try to complete it ASAP—aid is awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If you haven’t been recruited yet, the good news is, college coaches at every level are still actively searching NCSA’s database to fill their final roster spots and NCSA is supporting these coaches by providing a list of top unsigned seniors. Learn more about this list and how to be added to it here.

For a full list of recruiting steps you should complete before the end of November, check out NCSA’s fall recruiting checklists here.