3 Steps to Being Focused with Confidence



By Meghan Powell, NCSA recruiting expert

Your hitting coach slows down your film frame-by-frame to analyze your swing and says, “Your swing is too tense!” You have spent hours breaking down your swing. With all the moving parts, there’s always something you have missed, even with all the different workouts, technology, hitting gadgets and gismos a plenty. But something very simple might be missing still—relaxing.

Being relaxed does not take away from being focused. In fact, relaxing is being focused with confidence. So, why aren’t we practicing how to relax? Here are three steps to help you learn how to relax:

Identify your mindset on and off the field

Be aware of your internal thoughts. What are you telling yourself in practice or after you strike out on that change-up ball? What are you telling yourself in class when you get called on, and you didn’t do the assigned reading? Look at these stressful times as opportunities to practice controlling your mindset.

Learn to listen to yourself and focus on what you can change

You know yourself better than anyone. You know when your swing feels right. When something is off in your mechanics, focus on identifying what is off rather than stressing out. You can only improve once you have identified the problem.

The trick to relaxing is controlling what you can

Just like breaking down your swing by getting on one knee and working arm by arm, you must break down the practice of relaxing. Focus on your breathing and slow down. Realize you’re practicing and working on your game at that very moment! Slowing down and trusting in yourself may not be a habit yet, but with practice it will be.

So, the next time your coach says, “You got this!” You will think, “I know!”

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