Summer is over. …Now what?


This summer’s been busy. You’ve been going to camps, showcases and tournaments all over the country trying to get recruited and win a National Championship.

After months of non-stop softball, you are probably thinking you get a break now that the summer season is over. Right?

In fact, many teams have already completed their tryouts for NEXT year and are gearing up for the fall season!

The fall is the second busiest time in recruiting — second only to the summer — and it’s still a good opportunity for you to get seen and get in touch with college coaches.

Here are 5 things you can do to make sure you are on top of your recruiting game this fall.

5 Fall Softball Recruiting Tips

1. Update your video

This is a great time to get a new video up on your profile to send to college coaches.

At the close of the summer and going into a new season, you have probably improved over the last six months and it is a good time to get some fresh video. This is especially true if you have moved up an age division, or switched teams.

You want to make sure college coaches are able to see your skills and your improvement and aren’t looking at outdated film.

Not sure how to get started or what to include in your softball video? Check this out.

2. Let college coaches know your standing

Did you switch teams? Did you move up an age group? These are things college coaches need to know going into the fall season.

Make sure you are updating this information on your profile and communicating with coaches to let them know any changes you have made and to give them an idea of the events and tournaments you will attend this fall.

You need to make sure they can find you!

3. Narrow down your list

Since you just completed your summer season, the busiest time in recruiting, there is a good chance you have had some contact with college coaches.

At this point it is a good idea to start narrowing your list.

Did a coach tell you they weren’t recruiting your position? Scratch them off the list.

Did a new college coach tell your travel coach they are interested in you? Put that coach on the list!

Make sure you are keeping an updated list of realistic schools for you to follow and keep in the loop.

4. Schedule some visits

As you narrow your list, you might have some schools that are at the very top and that you like more than others.

The fall is a great time to schedule some visits to colleges. Many colleges have camps in the fall, and it is a good idea to get in touch with a coach, and see if you can come visit the school and attend the camp.

If the school is interested in you, they may invite you to do this, but if they don’t know you yet you might have to take the initiative. Even if it is not an official visit, planned with the coach, it is not a bad idea to attend a college camp and see the campus if it is a school that is at the top of your list.

Note: If you don’t know how to schedule a visit or where to start – the admissions department at the school can help!

5. Keep up on your skills

Often, student-athletes can get so caught up in recruiting, they forget to go out and have fun and play hard.

The fall is a good time to hone in on your skills, and use every game and tournament as an opportunity to get better.

Even if you are at a showcase where there are time limits on games and no tournament champion – use it as an opportunity to compete and work hard. That’s what this is all about anyway!

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